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SIEM, Event Log Monitoring

"EventSentry has more uses than a Swiss Army Knife!"

- Mike W. (East Alabama Medical Center)

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Many companies, whether in Germany or elsewhere, are faced with the challenge of complying with increasingly demanding government regulations, such as B.


  • ISO 27001

  • NIST 800-171

  • IEC 62443

and more. Many companies are already using EventSentry to ensure regulatory compliance. EventSentry helps you become compliant with minimal effort and great flexibility - and at a reasonable price.

Thanks to its flexible design EventSentry is helping you meet many government requirements in a variety of ways.

What does EventSentry help with?

Among other things, the software helps to process and reproduce the many Windows events in an understandable way. EventSentry transfers the data to a dedicated database and processes it. Your data is also protected against manipulation. Additionally features EventSentry via many ready-made reports that are perfectly tailored to standards such as ISO 27001.

As a partner of NETIKUS.NET ltd and the software EventSentry we take care of interested parties and customers in Germany with technical questions.


EventSentry alerts on suspicious processes and network activity.


Flexible dashboards

Easily adapt your dashboard to your personal needs.


Choose from a variety of ready-made reports of different standards.

Can EventSentry help me monitor my server status?

EventSentry monitors all critical aspects of your servers to ensure potential problems are caught as early as possible. System health monitoring includes disk space, services, performance, scheduled tasks, software/hardware and more.


Unfortunately, although event log monitoring can relay certain operating system alerts, it is not enough to accurately monitor and track a computer's health. The system monitoring ofEventSentryfills this gap by natively monitoring all core components of the operating system. System monitoring not only triggers alerts for immediate problems, but also collects historical information for later analysis, trend prediction and real-time overviews.

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