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IT vulnerability scan
Expert vulnerability scans

"There are two types of companies: those that have already been hacked and those that will be."

- Robert Mueller, 2012 Former Director of the FBI

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Why is it important to scan for IT vulnerabilities?

"Hackers themselves use IT vulnerability scans to penetrate corporate networks."

IT environments are nowvery complex and combine a large number of different systems.  This includes Operations Technology (OT) and Internet of Things (Iot) devices. Without the help of additional software and trained experts, it is difficult to get an overview of the software and firmware used. Our experience has shown that the number of systems is dramatically underestimated, especially in the industrial sector. With our "Discovery Scans" we almost always report back to the customer twice the number of found IT devices.

Only those who know the devices used and the software running on them can update their systems correctly and close security gaps. We help you to securely manage your OT and IOT devices.

What are IT vulnerabilities?

IT security gaps can be found in the coding or programming of software, through which unauthorized third parties can inject malicious code into individual computers or entire systems.

With our vulnerability scans, we not only detect security gaps in PC systems, but also in production plants.


scanned systems


Critical vulnerabilities found

Our common steps:

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Free initial consultation and clarify the scan requirements

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"Host Discovery Scan" to get an overview of the number of systems to be scanned.

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Run the vulnerability scan

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Discuss the report and make recommendations for action

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On request, we can help with the assessment and elimination of vulnerabilities, as well as the integration of vulnerability and patch management

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Why should you entrust us with your vulnerability analysis?


Our employees are trained specialists and have been dealing with "ethical hacking" for several years. We know how hacker groups work, we know the methods and programs you might use. In addition, some of our customers are directly after supposed  or cyber attacks that have been carried out. Thanks to this know-how, we have optimized our product and can, among other things, use so-called "Indicators of Compromise", or "Indicators of Attack"determine if hackers have already penetrated your systems.


Many of our customers at home and abroadtherefore commission us regularly.


Are your web servers with vulnerabilities found on the deep web?
We tell you!

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